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MOVED TO limevision!!

I've decided to change my icon journal. I won't be updating here anymore, but you can find my new icons over at limevision, so if you're interested, feel free to watch it ^^

if anyone even pays attention to this place anyway... XD

017 - 19 Icons

[07] Avatar
[02] Ayashi no Ceres
[01] Fushigi Yuugi
[01] Howl's Moving Castle
[02] Kingdom Hearts
[04] Magic Knight Rayearth
[01] Tsubasa
[01] X/1999

you say too late to start.with your heart in a headlockCollapse )

This post was ment to be bigger and sooner, but our computer finally kicked the bucket. Its been dying slowly for years anyway, but I lost all of my resources, photoshop, my music. Its kind of annoying to have to re-locate it all, but it needs to be done. So this will be the last post here until I get all my graphicy stuff up and running on the new computer (Window's Vista = teh awesome!) Not that anyone really pays attention to this place anyway...

Anyway! I hope you guys like these, please comment and credit if you take any, and I'll be back as soon as I can with new icons for you XD

016 - 21 Icons

[08] Fruits Basket
[08] Tsubasa
[05] X/1999

and when she walks.all the wind blows.and the angels singCollapse )

Fruits Basket manga icons are so much fun to make XD

#15 was made in response to a semi-request for KuroFai icons I got from shiroimanjuu. I think it turned out pretty cute ^^ I'll probably make more in the very near future.

Oh, and the lyrics that I used in the #20 and #21 come from Downfall by Matchbox Twenty ^^ I love that song so much, and I think the words work really well for anything Kamui/Fuuma related. And being the nice person that I am, I uploaded it here for anyone interested in listening to it XD

015 - 15 Icons

[06] Avatar
[03] CCS
[02] random CLAMP
[01] Fushigi Yuugi
[01] Spirited Away
[02] Tsubasa

you're the only thing that i love.scares me more every dayCollapse )

Just some icons I entered in a few icontests a while ago (except for the one random Hotohori icon I made out of nowhere *shrug*)

There's a bigger post coming in the next week, so look forward to it ^^ And please comment and credit if taking any of these!
[04] Avatar
[01] CCS
[01] Ayashi no Ceres
[01] Kingdom Hearts
[07] Tsubasa
[06] X/1999
[01] Legend of Zelda

you're distracting me with that beauty.leaving me wanting moreCollapse )

So after years of telling myself I was going to, I finally started to read X/1999. And I love it! I've also decided that Fuuma is one of the sexiest manag characters I've ever come across, hence the small abundance of Fuuma icons in this batch XD

Please comment and credit if taking any, thank you!! <3

013 - 25 House of Flying Daggers icons

you're running after something.that you'll never kill.if this is what you want then.fire at willCollapse )

Well, after finding a really nifty colouring tutorial at icon_tutorial, I decided to test it out on my newly acquired House of Flying Daggers screencaps. I'm happy with how they turned out; I loved how colourful the movie was, so I figured it would be the best guinea pig for the tutorial I found.

Expect another update soon (3 days off in a row + no other plans = ICON MAKING FIASCO!) XD

PS: user-info has been updated!

012 - 5 Icons


#1 won first place at avatarstillness
#2 won second place at avatarstillness
#3 won most scenic at avatarstillness
#5 won second place at tsubasa_awards

Comment and credit if taking any (please credit either colourburst or anime_girl193) Thank you! ^^

011 - 46 Tsubasa manga icons

12 Fai
09 Kurogane
03 Ryuuoh
08 Sakura
03 Sakura + Syaoran
06 Sorata
05 Syaoran

when i'm dancing with you.tomorrow doesn't matterCollapse )

These were fun to make! And I love making Faicons XD They're mostly variations, because I couldn't decide which versions I liked the most... ^^

Comment and credit if taking any, thank you~


010 - 7 icons

without a noise.without my pride.i reach out.from the insideCollapse )

Just a few icons I had laying around the ol' desktop. Comment and credit if taking, thanks ^^

I'll have a bigger post coming up in the next little while, so look forwards to it!

009 - 30 Icons

05 Avatar: the Last Airbender
11 Bleach
01 Cardcaptor Sakura
01 Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
02 Magic Knight Rayeath
03 Stock Images
02 Tales of Symphonia
05 Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

so its not hard to fall.when you float like a cannonballCollapse )

I LIVE! Sorry it's been a while since my last icon post. I lost my mojo there for a while, but thankfully, I have it back now ^^ Hopefully, I'll be posting more often (if my scedual permits)

I've discovered the joys of dj_capslock, and now have a very wide aray of screencaps with which I will be iconing for a long while to come (which reminds me I need to update my resource post)

Well, I hope you all enjoy these icons. As always please comment and credit either colourburst or anime_girl193. Thank you ~! XD

(I'm writing my driver's test today, so wish me luck ^^)